Practice Assistance

We at Sapphire Dental Practice Management ensure that our decades of experience in this industry and establishing multiple successful practices in Canada and USA are transferred to you with ease. At Sapphire Dental Practice Management we aim to help you avoid the long and treacherous learning curve by efficiently managing all aspects and the worries that come along with establishing a successful dental practice, while you focus on sharpening your skills of treating patients with the latest technology and compassion.

What We Do

“Lean Thinking lays out the five Lean manufacturing principles; VALUE, VALUE STREAMS, FLOW, PULL, and PERFECTION. Lean is being used extensively in the healthcare industry to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The principles can even be used, on a smaller scale, to organize your office, workspace, or laboratory. Lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources”.

Lean Principle can be applied in Dental offices to increase productivity. The Dental offices can collect waste (unwanted processes)which leads to loss of production time, patient and staff frustration and financial losses. We at SAPPHIRE DENTAL CLUB are experts in this field and will visit your facility, assess the existing processes and we will come up with remedial processes. With your permission, we will train your staffs to implement the recommended processes and monitor on a continuous basis for the next few months to ensure proper implementation.

To fulfill your dream of the perfect dental practice, we work very closely with you to understand and assess your dreams, aspirations, and vision. Our Realtor shortlists few options that suit your requirements like perfect location with ample parking, wheelchair access ramps, accessibility to highways, anchored by primary public transit arteries, corner block with multiple footfalls from around the community as well as adequate floating population and negotiates the best deal on your behalf. Our Engineers and Interior designers model the clinic, and our certified contractors diligently convert it into an immaculate Dental office. We will walk you through your project, from start to finish, ensuring that you receive exactly what you dream. Our responsibility does not end at that stage, we take it further and support you in getting the best deals for your dental equipment and dental office supplies. The proficient CEO and competent Directors oversee the work from day one until you get established, and continue to support your practice throughout your dental career. We also specialize in rendering value-added services to ensure effective and efficient patient care management.

Who We Are

We are a construction consultancy company based in Greater Toronto Area of Canada, specialized in dental office construction and turnkey project management. We have a strong track record and expertise with new buildings as well as alteration/renovation work. We are proud to serve our customers with top service, high-quality work, efficiency, and honesty. We have a team of highly qualified, motivated and experienced Realtors, Architects, Interior designers, Engineers, Contractors and Dentists, Practice Management specialists to serve you a variety of solutions under one roof based on your needs.



  • Dental practice market potential analysis
  • Dental office project planning
  • Community survey report
  • Estimate foot falls
  • Identify and select ideal location
  • Real estate ownership/rent/lease negotiations
  • Legal and regulatory matters
  • Architect site visit and planning
  • Construction project estimate
  • Construction budget quote comparison and analysis
  • Construction project management
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Dental equipment comparison
  • Dental equipment installation
  • Equipment annual maintenance
  • Inspections / city permits / approvals
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fire safety
  • Computer and software installation
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Marketing strategy planning and implementation
  • Website development
  • Social media management


  Our work speaks volumes … take a look at our gallery


    We plan, execute and build top of the line dental practices


    Architectural Planning, Interior Design, Mill work, Wood-work, Glass and Steel, Painting, Drywall, and more …


    Furniture, Equipment,Dental Materials Supply, Office Supply, Dental Lab, IT, Networking, Staffing, Training and Continued Education


    Cost Control, Accurate Budgeting, Minimizing wastage.


    Time is Money and we respect that. We believe in under promise and over deliver philosophy.

We Will Compensate For Delays

We at Sapphire Dental Practice Management treat our clients as partners in success, we work tirelessly to enhance your construction experience. We encourage and look forward to your active participation throughout the process. It is your dream project and we actively seek your inputs to influence the outcome. CLIENTS ARE NOT CASH COWS ! Sapphire Dental Practice Management is a leader in Dental Practice Construction Management in South-Eastern Canada and Northern United States. We have successfully managed $ 3 million worth of Contracts annually. We have managed small, medium and large segment dental practices in and around the GTA. Over the last 5 years we have grown from a small general construction contractor to a end to end real estate, construction and dental practice solutions provider. We have successfully implemented 16 large projects in the last two years.

We recognize the fact that modern-day dental practices are continuously evolving and rapidly changing as technology advances. The need of the hour is plug and play platforms where dental practices can easily and quickly adapt to newer equipment, while patient care and clinic operations remain un-disrupted. We plan well ahead of time for any updates, upgrades, expansion, keeping in mind the future growth potential projections and estimates. We have a team of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Real estate advisers, Finance advisers, Mortgage specialist, Project managers, among other experts to answer all your questions. Give us a CALL today to schedule an appointment, our expert client experience executives will arrange personalized site tours, showcase our existing projects and ongoing projects.